Largest Prabhat Pheri of the world 2019 from Ulhasnagar

Gurunanak Parbhaat pheris are early morning (4am) processions observed right before Gurpurab (Guru Nanakdev Saheb Birthday). Sikh devotees go around singing Kirtan and Shabads in the neighbourhood. Prabhat Pheris are procession that begin and end at the  Gurudwara organising that. Every year Dhan Guru Nanak Darbar, Dera Sant Baba Thahirya Singh Saheb ji from Sec 19, […]

Sindhunagar Metro Station in Ulhasnagar, assures CM Devendra Fadnavis

On 11th of October, 2019 during BJP party worker’s rally in Ulhasnagar, Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra assured Metro Train line will come up to Ulhasnagar and not till Kalyan. Metro line 5 project which was originally proposed from Thane Kapurbawdi to Bhiwandi and Kalyan APMC market will be extended till Ulhasnagar and […]

Tasty and Affordable Lunch/Dinner at HARDASMAL

Living life on the edge with deadlines to deal with, errands to run, chores to finish while shuttling between home and work place, many find cooking at home on regular basis a tiring and time consuming process. But they also find restaurant food to be too spicy, greasy and costly and hence unfit to be […]

Doli Nasta, Famous for Nostalgic Sindhi Taste

Sindhi delicacies have been famous for many generations. In today’s generation everyone loves to eat spicy food. So, if anyone wants to have Tasty Sindhi food here is the place called Doli Nasta Wala in Ulhasnagar-3 where you can enjoy the delicious taste of Sindhi Nasta. Doli Nasta Wala has been providing Morning & Evening […]
Ulhasnagar new DP 2018

New DP – Development Plan of Ulhasnagar 2018

Ulhasnagar city has not seen much Civic Development from many years because of no consensus between the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation and residents of the city. Many families have lost their hopes and left the city for better life in Kalyan, Ambernath & Thane cities nearby. In Year 2013 a Ulhasnagar Draft Development Plan was proposed […]
Guru Kripa Ragda Pettice near Bhatia Hospital, Ulhasnagar 5

Tasty Guru Kripa Ragda Pattice, only for Rs.30

If you are around Ulhasnagar 5 & looking for affordable & tasty Ragda Pattice, you must try it at Guru Kripa Ragda Pattice. This is located near the Bhatia Hospital on opposite side Road. Ragda Pattice comes with a Pattie, Cholla, two types of chutnies & onion all for only Rs. 30. Eat it there or take it […]
Shankar Dalwala Sindhi Breakfast Ulhasnagar - 4

Tasty breakfast for 4, only for Rs.100 at Shankar Dalwala

In these days of inflation when Rs. 500 is not enough for Pizza for 3 people, Ulhasnagar offers traditional Sindhi healthy dishes that anybody can afford. Yes, the title is right. Four people can enjoy tasty Sindhi Breakfast like Dal Pakwan or Dal Puri or Dal Koki only for Rs. 100 at Shankar Dalwala. Shankar Dalwala is a busy shop early […]
Dal Pakwan from Shri Hundomal

Tasty Dal Pakwan from Hundomal Nasta House, Ulhasnagar

Shri Hundomal Nasta House is a famous place to enjoy breakfast at most affordable rates in Ulhasnagar. Nashta is very light on your pocket and Lite on your stomach. You must try this to believe it. You’ll find huge crowd coming to this shop every morning and evening for tasty Sindhi Dal Pakwan and Dal Sandwich. […]

Demolition of 800 shops to widen the road to 100ft

More than 800 shops demolished today to widen the Kalyan Badlapur Road to 100ft width. Entire Ulhasnagar 3 main road was covered with security and bulldozers to demolish shops and buildings that are interfering in the road widening process. 4th December, 2015 demolition date notice was served to all these shops. There was huge security on […]

Shri Guru Nanak Devji Birthday Jhuloos by Guru Sangat Darbar

Shri Guru Nanak Devji Birthday Jhuloos / procession started from Guru Sangat Darbar of Ulhasnagar-4. It used to be one of the most famous Guru Nanak Sahib Jhuloos, but in years it has become small. Jhuloos starts with devotees cleaning the road with broom. Water Tanker sprinkling the clean water. Then one vehicle spreading the flower […]
Chaliha Sahib logo

Chaliha Sahib 2015 Mela

Chaliha Sahib 2015 Mela / Festival started on 10-Aug-2015 from Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir, Sindhunagar-5. 40 days fast is observed by many Sindhis around the city and also by settled far away in India or abroad. Mandir organises the everyday Bhajan Musical programs for these 40 days. These programs are aired on local cable […]

Largest Prabhat Pheri of the world 2014 from Ulhasnagar

Gurunanak Parbhaat pheris are early morning (4am) processions observed right before Gurpurab (Guru Nanakdev Saheb Birthday). Sikh devotees go around singing kirtan and shabads in the neighbourhood in which they reside. It begins and ends at the  Gurdwara. Every year Dhan Guru Nanak Darbar, Dera Sant Baba Thahirya Singh Saheb ji from Sec 19, Bk no […]
Smt. Jyoti Papu Kalani, Won elections from Ulhasnagar

Smt Jyoti Pappu Kalani wins vidhan sabha elections from Ulhasnagar

Smt. Jyoti Papu Kalani won the Vidhan Sabha Legislative Assembly election from Ulhasnagar with 43760 votes. She represented “Nationalist Congress Party” seat from Ulhasnagar. Her close opponent Mr. Kumar Ailani from BJP lost the seat by 1863 votes. Bodare Dhanjay Baburam from Shivsena could only secure 23868 votes.   List of candidates contesting this Legislative Assembly elections […]
Tiger Shroff at Chandi Daud CHM College, Ulhasnagar

Tiger Shroff at Chandi Daud, CHM College of Ulhasnagar

CHM College is celebrating Golden Jubilee Year this year. There are many events planned for the celebrations of 50 successful years of CHM college. Grand Half Marathon was organised on 29-June-2014 in the name of “Chandi Daud”. Local schools were also invited for half marathon run. New Young Bollywood Star “Tiger Shroff” was invited as […]
Thousands of Paties at Kishore Patties wala near Gol Maidan

Kishore Patties wala near Gol Maidan

World Famous Kishore Patieswala in Sindhunagar-1 near Gol Maidan. You must taste Kishore’s Paties at least once your life. Come to Sindhunagar. It is the heaven for those who hunt for tasty and affordable food.    
Raman Rajpal

Shradhanjali to Shri Raman Rajpal

Shri Raman Rajpal 5-Mar-1962  –  16-Jan-2013  Shri Raman Rajpal, son of Shri Harulal Rajpal who also was a Writer and Artist. He received art of writing and drama skill in inheritance from his father. He found that Sindhi Language is disapearing from the schools and homes of Sindhi families. To protect the language only measure […]

Sindhi Film “Kayo Time Pass” Releasing today

After successful direction of two Sindhi movies “Jeevan Saathi” , “Jeevan Chakra” Chander Hardasi is releasing new Sindhi Movie “Kayo Time Paas”. Earlier two movies were produced by  Dilip Lalwani. “Kayo Time Pass” is releasing under his own banner “Akshara Productions”. You must also note that this movie is releasing in theater with the co-operation […]

Sindhi Patrika 2013 by Sindhu Library

Sindhi Patrika 2013 covering all the Sindhi Tithis like Giyaras-1, Giyaras-2, Satnarain, Umas, Ganesh Choth, Chand. Second page of Patrika also covers other Sindhi Important days. This Patrika is provided to us by Sindhu Library, Sindhu Darshan, 2, Kala Niwas, Vency Gajnani Marg, Sindhunagar-421001.
Ulhasnagar UMC Bus Service

UMC Bus Service in Ulhasnagar

Buses are convenient way for any city to decongest the roads and carry many people. Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) has started similar initiative to provide low cost affordable way to travel in city. Buses are in good shape and better than ST (State Transport) Buses. Contract for running these buses is given to Crystal Infrastructure […]
Prabhat Pheri 2012

Largest Prabhat Pheri of world – 2012

Every year Ulhasnagar waits for this gigantic Prabhat Pheri Event. There are many Gurudwaras in Ulhasnagar & each has their own followers and Prabhat Pheri schedules. Prabhat Pheri organised by Dhan Guru Nanak Darbar Dera Sant Baba Thahirya Singhi Sahib Ji is worth watching. There is Prabhat Pheri every early morning from 16-Nov and size of […]
Sindhi Council of India BLC


National convention of Sindhi Council of India has been organised by Banglore chapter Ladies wing Chairperson Smt. Shobha Kalro and gen sec is Shri Menda. Total @ 15 life members of Ulhasnagar chapter are visiting the convention. Those intrested are welcome to attend. There is no registration charges only Fare and lodging has to be […]